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Q - I do not have a logo - can you still print my stationery?
A - YES! Beautifully printed stationery or calling cards can be achieved using the perfect blend of paper, ink colour, typography and ornamental design.

Q - I have an existing logo - can you use it on your press?
A - No. Unfortunately the only artwork that makes its way onto my presses are in-house designs.

Q - I don't need a large quantity - do you print small amounts?
A - YES! Letterpress projects are quoted based on design needs, set-up and paper quantity and option. 


Designing with handset type
Letterpress is an old form of handset printing dating back to the 15th century. Pieces of movable type are assembled to form the desired text or image. The form is then placed on the press for inking and printing. The process requires a high degree of craftsmanship and patience, but in the right hands, letterpress excels at fine typography and design. Movable type may consist of metal or wood. Shown below is an overview of metal type ornamental design. Other letterpress methods include wood and linoleum block carvings, photopolymer plates, copper and magnesium plates.

Designing with Photopolymer
Photopolymer can be used to generate printing plates, which are then pressed onto paper like metal type. This is often used for modern computer generated designs without needing to engrave artwork into metal or cast metal type. If handset metal type does not fit your needs, photopolymer options may be available depending on the design. Other options also available are magnesium and copper plates.

Tooth fairy Keepsake Booklet