Why choose letterpress over any other printing method? In short there is no right or wrong answer. However, if you have an appreciation for centuries old craft and are seeking a tactile, simple and classic way to make a lasting impression - letterpress is certainly a strong contender.  

The first important thing to know is that letterpress is a hands-on process. It’s about as far as you can get from a home digital printer. Each piece will be handled and modified multiple times as it goes from raw stock to a finished piece. Letterpress printing embeds ink into softer more fibrous papers. Each impression left is slightly different from the last, and yet just as beautiful. 

Offset printing excels at halftone perfections, gradients and flawless solid color spreads but letterpress does NOT - well not in my shop! Letterpress is fabulous for so many reasons but mimicking offset is not one. 


If you are  thinking of keeping your wedding stationery as authentic and vintage as possible using my studio’s collection of handset type, ornaments and borders dating back to the 1900’s - then we'll make a great team!

Handset type has special considerations to keep in mind such as physical limitations and the studio’s ever increasing collection of type offering. You can choose from my fully customizable pre-designed options in the invitation gallery or request a custom design quote. Please contact me directly for samples, pricing and booking availability. 

My love and commitment of the craft will certainly be a reflection of the love and commitment you will pledge on your special day.